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Who killed Dhirendra bhai? - GST or Covid

I met Dhirendra bhai in 20008 because I was running a local news blog, and he was an avid follower. He invited me over to his small workshop. He was an expert die and mould designer. I immediately knew that cause my father was also an expert thermoplastic dies, mould and machine manufacturer. I had sold the family manufacturing business and didn’t like getting my hands dirty on the shop floor....

May 5, 2023 Â· 3 min Â· Manoj Nayak

Myth Buster - “Working Hard” won’t make you rich

You will probably end up breaking your back than becoming rich by working your ass off. Here is what will make you rich If you want to get rich, you need to get into positions of Power and develop a very good understanding of systems thinking. I talk about the four types of Power in my earlier blog post. If you want to understand systems thinking, I recommend this excellent book called Thinking in Systems....

May 1, 2023 Â· 1 min Â· Manoj Nayak

systems thinking

Systems thinking is an approach to problem-solving and decision-making that views the world as a series of interconnected and interdependent systems, rather than a set of isolated and disconnected parts. It is an interdisciplinary approach that draws on principles from multiple fields, including systems theory, ecology, computer science, and psychology. In systems thinking, the focus is on identifying the relationships and interactions between the components of a system, rather than analyzing them in isolation....

May 1, 2023 Â· 1 min Â· Manoj Nayak

Thinking in Systems (highlights)

Highlights first synced by [[Readwise]] [[May 1st, 2023]] Because of feedback delays within complex systems, by the time a problem becomes apparent it may be unnecessarily difficult to solve. — A stitch in time saves nine. (Location 202) According to the competitive exclusion principle, if a reinforcing feedback loop rewards the winner of a competition with the means to win further competitions, the result will be the elimination of all but a few competitors....

May 1, 2023 Â· 4 min Â· Donella H. Meadows

A Mac app which nudges you to Move

In Feb this year. I had sprained my neck cause I sat on my Mac for 15 hours a day continuously for two straight weeks. The pain was so severe that I just couldn’t sleep for a week and I was forced to take two weeks off from work. My neck was so strained that it hurt a lot when I lifted my head to look at the screen. It felt like someone was pushing my neck down and twisting my left arm....

April 21, 2023 Â· 2 min Â· Manoj Nayak

AI to Build websites - Bookmark

I am using a AI to build websites. Check out Bookmark for more information.

April 21, 2023 Â· 1 min Â· Manoj Nayak

Chanakya’s Four Rules of Power

The ability to get work done can be scaled. Enough riches can be gained if you get people to do the work. But people are difficult, and getting them to do what you want to be done is more work sometimes than getting the work done. True Power, therefore, lies in getting the work done, so here are four levers given by Chanakya himself and they are Saam, Dham, Dand, Bhed....

April 21, 2023 Â· 2 min Â· Manoj Nayak

Create Systems, not Tasks

If you write down tasks, you know it leads to a never-ending list of to-dos. You eventually become overwhelmed and leave whatever application you used to record it. We generally need to pay more attention to our actual work hours. We need to take food breaks, gym breaks and loo breaks, and the bug breaks like sickness and relationship issues take another major chink of our time. What is a System?...

April 21, 2023 Â· 2 min Â· Manoj Nayak

Cynefin - Weaving Sense-Making Into the Fabric of Our World (highlights)

Highlights first synced by [[Readwise]] [[Oct 31st, 2022]] “We have all moved from the age of enlightenment to the age of entanglement where sense-making aided by imagination is now more critical than ever. (Location 52) At its most basic, Cynefin allows us to distinguish between three different kinds of systems: ordered systems that are governed and constrained in such a way that cause and effect relationships are either clear or discoverable through analysis; complex systems where causal relationships are entangled and dynamic and the only way to understand the system is to interact; and chaotic systems where there are no effective constraints, turbulence prevails and immediate stabilizing action is required....

April 21, 2023 Â· 26 min Â· Dave Snowden, Zhen Goh, Sue Borchardt, Riva Greenberg, Boudewijn Bertsch, and Sonja Blignaut


April 21, 2023 Â· 0 min Â· Manoj Nayak