In Feb this year. I had sprained my neck cause I sat on my Mac for 15 hours a day continuously for two straight weeks. The pain was so severe that I just couldn’t sleep for a week and I was forced to take two weeks off from work. My neck was so strained that it hurt a lot when I lifted my head to look at the screen. It felt like someone was pushing my neck down and twisting my left arm. Yes, the three kinds of nerves which run through your neck go along your arm. As the nerves in your neck get choked, the pain shoots down towards your arms and even wrists.

I immediately did some remedial measures like placing the monitor at eye level and then buying an external keyboard and a mouse. I didn’t even use a proper desk then. I rented a office desk and chair set up from Rentomojo.

At the same time as I was getting better, I need something to remind me or force me to get out of the chair at periodic intervals. I discovered this app called Move! – Energizing Routines to Increase Productivity and Improve Your Health

In this app you can set your break time, I have set it to 30 minutes, after every 30 minutes it blocks my screen and I am forced to take a break of 3 minutes. In this three minutes I do some chore like wash the dish or do some body and neck stretching exercise.

We live in strange times. My job keeps me tied to the desk 8 hours a day and then to my mobile devices for another four to five hours. In case you have similar desk job do get this app. Link again Move! – Energizing Routines to Increase Productivity and Improve Your Health

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